First Zujava Review

On a previous post, I told you about a fun new site like Squidoo called Zujava. It is a fun site, very similar to Squidoo in it’s style.

Let me just say, so far I LOVE IT! The biggest search engine seems to love it, too. I am ranking on page one for two test articles and page two for another. Without any other links or work. I added 2 very basic links (took all of 5 minutes) and the one on page 2 is now #7 on page one. And they were indexed and visible on their own in 24 hours. You gotta love this.

Now, I love Squidoo. I find it fun. And I will take fun in any form I can get it. But this seems to be doing a bit better. At least so far. Why not try it? It is do follow. It has responsive admin. It is a fun and easy-on-the-eyes site that is easy to navigate. There is a link above or right over here ===============>

I am 100% on board with Zujava so far. I like it. Let’s see what kind of power it has to push my other sites up with it’s links….

There will be more reviews on Zujava as I go along. I don’t want to fall in love too soon. But so far I have a HUGE crush. :) Have you tried it? Let’s hear what you think!

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